xFace products

xFace products solve many communication problems. License them and run them!

IP modules

Demanding communication projects can be realized with commercial FPGA boards. IP modules of xFace make the new interfaces accessible via Ethernet networks.



IP module for encrypting Gigabit data streams on Xilinx FPGAs with the Advanced Encryption Standard.

  • AES-128 ECB, CBC
  • 2 Gbps, 250 MHz
  • 10 BRAM, 450 slices

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Gigabit Ethernet MAC IP module for connecting Xilinx FPGAs to the Internet.

  • IEEE 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 2 Gbps, 165 MHz
  • 8 BRAM, 870 slices

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IP module for streaming data from FPGA board to a PC

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • UDP stream to Matlab and GNUradio

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Customized products

Does your application require little modifications to a base line product of xFace?



xFace develops a customized product satisfying your demands.

  • Off-site development
  • On-site integration

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Advantages of xFace IP modules

  • IP modules are shipped as behavioral HDL
    • No incomprehensible netlist
    • Modifications are possible
  • Simple licensing
    • Conditions identical to Xilinx SignOnce.
  • Affordable customization
    • Reasonable hourly rates