About xFace

xFace is a startup company providing technology for embedded systems. xFace provides IP modules (hardware and software) to build complex systems. Services are provided to facilitate the integration of our IP.


xFace concentrates on innovations in the embedded computing area. xFace provides and steadily improves its technological platform to build highly integrated embedded systems that give extensive computing and communications power. The technological backbone of xFace embedded systems are fast 32-bit micro-controllers and field-programmable gate arrays. This constitutes a flexible platform that can be quickly adapted to the customer's requirements.


xFace has the vision to become a major technology provider for the embedded systems market in the greater Graz area and beyond. xFace will prosper to a stable and reliable SME with outstanding technological skills. To attain that goal, xFace strives for highest integration density of its embedded systems. xFace will deepen its technological expertise from FPGA and micro-controller based embedded systems towards fully integrated systems on chip. With this widening and deepening of activities, xFace will be able to satisfy even more customer requests and acquire large industrial players as customers.


People are the asset of xFace

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xFace is located in Graz Austria

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