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7 Jan 2015

xFace moves to Spacelend

xFace moved to the Spacelend in Neubaugasse 24. ... [more]

20 Dec 2012

xFace participates in RFID qualification network

RFID technology is a stronghold in the Graz area. The RFID qualification network will foster this postion. xFace participates to improve its IC design capabilities. ... [more]

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xFace - Where hardware meets software

xFace Wolkerstorfer

xFace is the "interFace"
between hardware and software

xFace is an innovative startup company that develops digital hardware for embedded systems. xFace helps customers creating innovative electronic systems for application in automotive, medical, and communications systems. Customers of xFace can focus on their domain because xFace provides the technological means in terms of hardware and software to realize complex embedded systems.

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xFace offers services to create complex digital systems

The innovative offer of xFace is a mixture of products and services. xFace offers an embedded platform as product and provides services to adapt it to the customer's needs. This includes providing IP modules and integration services in the hardware and in the software domain. xFace is a fast and reliable partner for the development of new embedded systems. Main customers are research institutes and small-and-medium enterprises in the greater Graz area. The proximity and the close contact to customers are success factors.

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